To keep the dream alive for hard-working entreprenuers, by building brands that have clairtry & can grow in confidence.


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passionate about your biz ready to collaborate
committed to deadlines
open to the creative process
gets the value of design
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meet Melissa

(1) I received a golf scholarship in college, (2) I've worked as a designer for an NFL team, (3) I've won awards for Package design, (4) I'm a dog mom to a 1.5 year old goldendoodle named Hercules, (5) I lived in San Francisco for 7 years, (6) I have a bachelors of fine arts degree in Graphic Design, (7) I'm a certified full-stack web developer

I always like to say - graphic design found me. To be honest, I'd never heard of the profession or what it entailed. As a kid, I was always creative, but never thought much of it. For all I knew, creativity started and ended in art class.

It's only when I found myself living in San Francisco where my passion was discovered. I'd stumbled upon an art form that had purpose, intention, and could greatly influence the world around me. And in short, I was in love.

Today, I live in my hometown of Dallas, TX where I help small business owners use design to transform their business, give them confidence, and help make an impact in their local community. I'm passionate about helping people, and am so excited to make a difference in neighborhoods around the world.

Fun and function is at the core of everything
I do. I'm a multi-disciplined designer exploring the connection between strategic design, bold creative, and smart business.



Working with notable brands like Amazon, Budweiser, Starbucks, and Campbells, I bring my years of industry experience to every project.

putting the power back into the local community, one brand at a time

I'm excited at the opportunity to help your business make a lasting impression on the community you serve.